Pinterest For Business

“I didn’t realize Pinterest was also for marketing – I only look at it for decorating tips.”

I heard these words recently and my initial though was really? With social media closing the gap on traditional marketing with prominence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, why would anyone be surprised that it has tackled Pinterest too? Then it hit me – marketing tactics aren’t so obvious on Pinterest because they perfectly align with the purpose of Pinterest.

“Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” – Pinterest mission statement

If you business provides “things” that people find interesting, then it won’t be hard to succeed on Pinterest. Simply posting products and services provides much visibility and even virality. When users “pin” to their Pinterest boards, they are basically saying to their followers, “I think this is interesting, and I think you will too.” The more you post, the more others will find interest and will ultimately share with followers of their own. Sometimes all it takes is an impressive comment or unique photo to catch pinner attention, and once the ball gets rolling, there’s no telling how much exposure one pin could get.

So if you haven’t already, share your products and services on Pinterest. It’s as easy as pasting a URL, selecting a picture and writing a comment. Whether we realize it or not, even those decorating tips are part of a successful marketing strategy!